Knocked Out! What Do You Do if Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out?

What happens if your fear of having a tooth knocked out ever came true?

What would you do? Firstly, locate the tooth you have lost. Avoid touching the roots and tissue at the base of the tooth by holding it at the biting end. If you can, place it in a cup of milk, this is the most tooth friendly way to stop the thin tissue covering the roots from drying out.

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Some quick tips for knocked-out teeth:

  • Gently place the tooth back in its socket (the right way around; and only if the tooth is clean). It will have the best chance if replaced within 5 minutes.
  • Place the tooth in cold milk – NEVER place your knocked-out tooth in water!
  • You can place the tooth on one side of your mouth (between your cheek and your teeth – but don’t swallow it!).
  • Get to the dentist straight away. You may need antibiotics or a tetanus shot from the doctor as well.

Knocked Out Tooth | Fresh Dental Care

To alleviate any associated pain, take paracetamol or ibuprofen (if you are able to and as instructed by the pharmacist). They work best if taken at the same time but be careful not to exceed the maximum recommended daily dosage, always seek instruction from your pharmacist.

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