If your teeth have lost their natural lustre and appear discoloured, stained or yellowed, then teeth whitening may be an option for you.

At Fresh Dental Care, we offer take-home teeth whitening products and in-chair teeth whitening (Philips Zoom). 

Teeth Whitening In-Chair - North Coast Dentists | Fresh Dental Care

For take-home teeth whitening, cast impressions of your teeth are taken to create a customised plastic tray for use at home. These trays are designed to hold bleaching gel correctly in place over the teeth while avoiding the gum area. That’s why they’re considered to be a superior at-home style treatment since your Dentist can also determine what type of whitening gel concentration is best suited to your teeth.

For in-chair whitening, we will have a 90 minute appointment to help your teeth turn 6-8 shades whiter (individual results may vary). You will be given take-home whitening to use in the future as well, for when you would like to brighten your new shade.

Not all whitening is suitable for everybody. It’s best to consult your Dentist first to ensure all of your cavities are filled and your gums are healthy and any sensitivity issues are dealt with. We look forward to answering any queries you may have about take-home or in chair teeth whitening, and advising you on how best to use this product.

Watch this Step-by-step video to get an idea of what’s involved with Philips Zoom Whitening and contact us to find out if you are a candidate for Teeth Whitening.