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Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontics for Children


Early detection and management of tooth alignment may avoid many problems once secondary teeth erupt so building a relationship with your children and monitoring the progress of their primary teeth is one of our priorities.

Orthodontics for Teens


Talk to us about the options and alternatives to metal braces such as invisible orthodontics. Recent developments in orthodontics enable us to offer a range of services tailored to individual needs. In some cases, misaligned teeth can be corrected without the need for visible braces. Options such as Invisalign® may be a suitable treatment solution.

Orthodontics for Adults


With improved dental technology orthodontics can help to save you from the discomfort of a misaligned jaw and teeth. Invisible orthodontics means that adults can address problem teeth without impacting their lives too much with more convenient and faster treatment options, including:

Itero Scans


Orthodontics - North Coast Dentists | Fresh Dental CareOrthodontic treatment involves the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of misaligned teeth and jaws, using corrective appliances like braces, plates and aligners to address the discomfort associated with misaligned jaws and crooked teeth. 

Orthodontics is more than cosmetic dental treatment. The benefits of orthodontics can include improved biting and chewing, reduced tooth wear and improved ease of teeth cleaning. 

Some common orthodontic problems include: crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, cross-bites, over-bites and under-bites. At Fresh Dental Care, our team are able to assist with your orthodontic needs. 


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If you have any questions or want to find out if you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment, call any of our four dental practices and book your consultation today.