Bernadette Basset

Bernadette Basset was born and raised in Grafton. After studying at Westmead College of Dental Therapy, she holds a diploma in dental therapy and also a Bachelor of Indigenous Studies, Bernadette has worked as a Dental Therapist in the public arena for over 30 years and moved across to the private sector six years ago.

Bernadette possesses vast experience working with children and teenagers who come from many backgrounds and brings a wealth of experience to Fresh Dental Care.

Bernadette loves working with young people and believes that she can make their dental experience a more positive one which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Preventing accidents on the sporting fields has always been a passion of hers and she has spoken to many sporting bodies about the necessity of wearing mouthguards. Bernadette is also very interested in the area of Orthodontics and would love to see all teenagers have straight teeth. Bernadette regularly teaches at the local preschools giving vital dental information to the children.

Bernadette is married to Leith and has 3 beautiful children; Tim, Billy and Jacobi. Tim is now a full time teacher, Billy works in the retail industry and Jacobi is still at school.