Susan Waldorf

Susan is a Dental Hygienist that graduated in 2012 from Newcastle University. However, throughout 2013 she furthered her qualifications by completing a second degree in Dental Therapy which expanded her skills to enable her to complete restorative and preventative dental treatment on children. She has completed a further accredited course on dental whitening and aims to continuously expand her knowledge through further education.

Having grown up on the Mid North Coast and experiencing the lifestyle this area has to offer, her intention was always returning and working within the community which she calls home.
Susan’s focus is on preventative dental treatment to patients of all age groups. She is passionate about treating children and adolescents; aiming to give patients the knowledge she has gained whilst ensuring that each individual receives the best care possible.

Susan is pleased to be back and reconnecting with this beautiful part of the coast, spending her time enjoying the magnificent waterways whilst making a difference within the mid north coast region by improving the oral health of the community.