Dr Neil McGregor


Neil is a registered specialist periodontist under the Dental Board of Australia. He specialises in periodontal treatment, dental implants and treatment of chronic pain syndromes.Neil gained his undergraduate dental degree (BDS) at University of Sydney in 1974. He completed a specialist degree in Periodontics (MDSc) at the University of Queensland in 1982. Neil then established a specialist practice in Newcastle NSW, with branch practices in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Tamworth in NSW.

Neil gained his PhD at the University of Sydney in 2000 and has published over 50 papers in peer reviewed journals. He has been an editor of an international journal, on several editorial boards and has been involved in research at several universities in Australia and abroad in both dental and medical research fields. He has delivered lectures at conferences in both Australia and abroad. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences and is a mentor for the postgraduate students in Periodontics at the University of Melbourne. He also is a supervisor of research projects for a number of these students. He is a consultant to a NATA accredited pathology company and has an academic interest in the science of metabolomics, microbiology, genetics, inflammatory mediated disease and chronic pain disorders.

Neil is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Periodontists, the Australian Society of Periodontology, the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Orofacial Pain, the international Association of Dental Researchers, the Australian Dental Association, and the International Team of Implantology.

In his spare time, he enjoys family time, painting and drawing.